Best Christmas Mockups for Your Designs

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  Kasia Zielosko on November 14, 2023
pile of christmas gifts mockup

It’s beginning to look a lot like… You know what? You can make it look just like you want! If you are a designer I am sure that you are looking forward to this season. Gift wrapping paper, ribbons, Santa's socks and bags, clothes or finally beautiful Christmas sceneries - it's all making you exited about your work. I get it perfectly. So today I've compiled the best mockups you can use to showcase your holiday projects.

Ready? Ho, ho, ho!? 

Christmas Wrapping Paper Mockups

Gift wrapping paper designs are a breeding ground for creativity! Large patterns, small details, repeated elements - all these will look great on paper. In our packages you will find mockups of rolled and unrolled paper, and wrapped gifts. This allows you to showcase your design in a variety of ways to get the most visibility.

Here are some examples of what you can create: 

christmas paper mockupchristmas gift pile mockup

Check out these mockup sets: 

Christmas Greeting Cards Mockups

While wrapping paper mockups are a great way to show off festive designs, a Christmas card is a different story. These mockups allow you to showcase your entire design, from A to Z. I know... who sends Christmas cards anymore? But Christmas card designs are still in use! We've just changed the way we send them, now sending a card by email is no longer a surprise to anyone.

So be sure to have a look at these mockup examples!

christmas cards mockupsanta mailbox mockup

Check out this greeting cards sets: 

Christmas Cookie Tin Mockups

You can check how your own Christmas project will look on a cookie tin mockup. As with the card, for this mockup you need the whole project. I have found 2 great cookie tin mockup sets for you - one with a handle and one without. There are also ones where the tin is open and there are no cookies inside. This is great because who knows, you might want to put a sewing kit inside?

black cookie tin mockupwhite cookie tin mockup

Check out these cookie tin sets: 

Christmas Scene Mockups

Christmas scenes are mockups where you can let your imagination run wild and create a scene you would like to move to. I have a suggestion of two scenes for you. One for making a small Christmas scene, for which you can choose up to 120 elements, and present your designs in a picture frame. The second scene is a beautiful room with a Christmas tree and a fireplace, where you can showcase your design on a Christmas skirt. 

scandi christmas decor mockupchristmas tree mockup

Check out these Christmas scenes mockups: 

Other Christmas Mockups You Should See

Hungry for more?

santa bag mockup setadvent calendar mockup

There are many more mockups to get you in the holiday mood. Below you will find some of them! And don't be afraid to experiment with mockups that are not specifically for the holidays! 

Marry designing!

Free Christmas Mockups

Have you already exceeded your Christmas shopping budget? Don't worry.

Creatsy has a special offer only for December 2023: free Christmas mockups! Click here: Creatsy Xmas Gift and download a set full of Christmas freebies. Free gift mockups, free Christmas card mockups, free Christmas decor mockups.... I won't list any more, you have to see for yourself!

Have fun and celebrate for free! 

christmas free mockupchristmas decor free mockupchristmas gifts free mockup