What is a Mockup?

All About Mockups
  Kasia Zielosko on December 2, 2022

As a designer you might be familiar with mockups, but did you try them all? 

If you are just starting your adventure with graphic design you should check what you can gain by using mockups.

What is a Product Mockup?

Simply put, a mockup is a file that allows you to apply your design on any surface to present it. It is a very useful tool in every designer's work. Professional, high-quality mockup will allow you to put your design on any surface and will add elements as shadows, bends, textures etc., in such a way that it will look natural. You can actually see how your design will look like when printed on any product. 

What are the Benefits of Using Mockups?

Time saving

You don’t have to loose time by yourself or by outsourcing to a outside company photosessions or 3D vizualisations. You just need Photoshop (most of our mockups work also in free online editor - Photopea - photopea.com). Just download the file and by using just few clicks of mouse make your idea matter! While using mockups and Photoshop actions you are available to generate automatically thousands of pictures for your online store listings in just one evening! Can you imagine printing all the items and photoshooting them by yourself?

Money saving

You don’t have to spend extra money for photosessions or 3D vizualisations. You don’t need to any monthly or yearly subscription to get one single mockup. Just choose one you like. You can get one single mockup, set of mockups (where you have several views of the same product) or whole collection (mockup bundle) for a fair price.  

Easy to use

Mockups are extremely easy to use. You don't have to design each element separately, we did it for you. Just add your design in Photoshop with smart objects. All our mockups are build and organized in the same way so when you will get familiar with one - you will cope with all the others.

Realistic showcase of your product

Our mockups are believed to be the most realistic on the market. You don't have to print your design to see how it will look on a given surface. Simply put it on mockup and it will look very realistic, most people can't tell the difference between real photo and mockup. Can you?  

Types of Mockups

Packaging Mockups

Packaging is not just a cardboard box, although of course you will also find such mockups here. Nowadays packaging is a part of the product, provide useful information to all the concerned parties about the content of the package so it is important to design it properly. Try your designs for example on candle box, stand up pouch or coffee bag mockup.


Branding Mockups

These are mockups (or set of mockups) dedicated to special companies i.e. beauty salon, restaurant, hotel, skate shop, baseball team, construction company. Depending on the company, mockups include objects typical to present their company identity like business cards, letterhead, brochures but also very personalized objects like i.e. hard hat, apron, skateboard and so on. Really anything is possible to be presented with mockup. 


Product Mockups

Product mockups are realistic visual representation of a product and are great tools for e-commerce businesses. They are also great to build your portfolio to showcase your customers how the pattern will work on different kind of products. Samples: iPhone Case Mockup, Mug Mockup, Bedding Mockup, Yoga Mat Mockup, Face Mask Mockup, Umbrella Mockup. 


Stationery and Print Mockups

Print mockups will show you how your design will look like when printed on postcard, notebook, magazine, book, pen or a simple flyer. It can save your time and money as you will not have to print as many samples to check how your design looks like and how the overal layout works together.



Wallart Mockups

Wallart mockups are a great way to showcase wall art designs and graphics. They allow a designer to display their artwork in a realistic and professional way, allowing them to more effectively market their product. Wall-art mockups also give customers a better understanding of how the artwork will look in their home, making it easier for them to make an informed purchase.


Apparel Mockups

Apparel mockups are digital representations of clothing items that are used to create marketing and promotional materials. They are typically used to show off a design before it is put into production, allowing designers and marketers to evaluate the look and feel of a product. They can also be used to create product mock-ups for product photography, print catalogs and ecommerce websites. Apparel mockups are a great way to get a realistic visualization of what the final product will look like, and can be an invaluable tool in the design and marketing process.


Kids & Babies Mockups

You can easily create attractive displays and visuals of kids and baby products such as clothing, toys, and accessories. These mockups will help you create memorable and attractive visuals that will engage customers and help them better understand the product.


Fabric Mockups

These mockups are our specialty but are also most laborious due to complicated smart object warping that make the applied design look realistic on every fold. It doesn't matter if you want to show your pattern on a creased surface or fabric swatch - applied design always need to look natural and lay properly. In some mockups you can choose the type of fabric, your design will take on the appropriate texture.


Outdoor and Interior Mockups

There is huge variety of interior mockups in our collection. From showcasing wallpaper to furniture to paintings on the walls. With our interior mockups you can adjust whole scene to fit your needs. We make it as editable as possible. You can also use interior mockups to try your fabric designs by putting then on furnitures, pillows or curtains. Just imagine your design printed on the couch – with our mockup you can not only imagine – you can see it!


Scene Creators

Mockups with many editable and movable elements to compose own scene. Great to create hero images. Mockup samples: Little Fashion Series, Kids Essential Series, all baby blankets etc.


These are just few examples of how you can use our mockups. The possibilities are enormous! Chopping boards, yoga mats, phone cases, drink coasters, backpacks, mugs, bottles… these are just few I we name now. We claim to be a „freaking mockup machine” and it’s totally true, check it by yourself!