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Created: Jun 27, 2023
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About the Product

Introducing the versatile and visually stunning Paper Wallpaper Mockup Bundle by Creatsy. Whether you are a graphic designer, interior decorator, or an online store owner, this bundle is a game-changer for showcasing your wallpaper designs with a touch of realism. Elevate your presentations, impress your clients, and attract more customers with these high-quality mockup files.

What is Paper Wallpaper Mockup Bundle?

The Paper Wallpaper Mockup Bundle offers a collection of 36 meticulously crafted PSD files that allow you to effortlessly showcase your custom wallpaper designs. With the power of smart objects and color layers, you can easily edit and customize every aspect of the mockup, from the wallpaper patterns to the background, ensuring a seamless and personalized representation of your creative vision. These files are compatible with Photopea and Photoshop CC, providing flexibility and convenience for your design workflow.

Unleash your creativity by exploring the possibilities of this bundle. Transform the color and design of the wallpaper, experiment with different metallic accents (optional), and create captivating compositions that leave a lasting impression.

What makes Creatsy's mockups stand out?

Creatsy is renowned for delivering top-notch mockup files that cater to the needs of designers and professionals across various industries. By choosing our Paper Wallpaper Mockup Bundle, you gain access to a collection of high-resolution files, each designed with meticulous attention to detail. With high resolution, these mockups ensure that your wallpaper designs shine in all their glory, capturing the essence of your creative vision.

Our bundle provides a user-friendly experience, allowing you to navigate through organized layers and make seamless adjustments to achieve the desired look. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner, you'll find our mockups intuitive and easy to use.

Take your business to new heights by showcasing your wallpaper designs in a captivating and realistic manner. Expand your client base, enhance brand recognition, and leave a lasting impression with the help of our Paper Wallpaper Mockup Bundle.

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  • Compatibility: Adobe Photoshop: min. PS CC2020,
  • Pack includes: 36 PSD files with well-organized layers: ~6000x4000 px, 300dpi,
  • Check screenshots for all the features,
  • Editable components: color and design change,
  • Patterns applied by Tashi Tsering /,
  • Patterns are NOT included, this product is a mockup intended for you to add your own designs.
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Paper Wallpaper Mockup Bundle-2.2.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Bundle-3.1.1.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Bundle-3.1.2.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Bundle-3.1.3.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Bundle-3.2.1-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Bundle-3.2.2-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Bundle-3.3.1-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Bundle-3.3.2-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Bundle-3.3.3-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Bundle-3.4.1-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Bundle-3.4.2-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Bundle-3.5.1-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Bundle-3.5.2-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Bundle-3.5.3-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Bundle-3.6.1-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Bundle-3.6.2-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Bundle-3.6.3-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Bundle-8.jpg

Products Included (6)

Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.3-1-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.5-1-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.1-1-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.2-1-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.4-1-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.6-1-min.jpg

Files In Use

White Palms-IMG_1388.PNG
White Palms
by Tashi Studio
by Imrik Studio
by Imrik Studio
Moroccan -IMG_0707.PNG
by Webvilla Studio
Moroccan -IMG_0708.PNG
by Webvilla Studio
Beaute Sauvage-IMG_0728.PNG
Beaute Sauvage
by Tashi Studio
Floral Pattern -IMG_0564.PNG
Floral Pattern
by Tashi Studio
Illuminations III-20% off everything!!   on both my website and Etsy sh0p. Remember stationery and cards including Christmas cards abs wrap are only on my Etsy tho  there’s still time to order for Halloween too   and of course if you’ve had an eye on my .jpg
Illuminations III
by Catherine Rowe
Birds Print-IMG_7379.PNG
Birds Print
by One Sweet Orange
by Tashi Studio
by TheCuriousDepartment
Zellandine Rose-IMG_8138.PNG
Zellandine Rose
by TheCuriousDepartment
Floral Pattern -IMG_7417.PNG
Floral Pattern
by TheCuriousDepartment
by Tashi Studio
Leaves Watercolor Wallpaper-Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 14.28.38.png
Leaves Watercolor Wallpaper
by Webvilla Studio
Abstract Shapes Pattern -IMG_8061.PNG
Abstract Shapes Pattern
by Webvilla Studio
Modern Floral Pattern-IMG_8018.PNG
Modern Floral Pattern
by Webvilla Studio
Cianfrusaglia-Imrik Studio wallpaper.jpg
by Imrik Studio
Dragonfly Swarm-The Curiosu wallpaper.jpg
Dragonfly Swarm
by TheCuriousDepartment
Opium Blush - Spring-IMG_7353.PNG
Opium Blush - Spring
by TheCuriousDepartment
Opium Blush Autumn-IMG_7415.PNG
Opium Blush Autumn
by TheCuriousDepartment
Mirai Collection -IMG_9565.PNG
Mirai Collection
by Tashi Studio
Palm Prints-Screenshot_345.jpg
Palm Prints
by Tashi Studio
Heron Design-IMG_9591.PNG
Heron Design
by Kate Merritt
by Tashi Studio
Erba & Campo-wallpaper imrik studio.jpg
Erba & Campo
by Imrik Studio
Patterns Collection-Screenshot_347.jpg
Patterns Collection
by Tashi Studio
Fluffy Sheep-IMG_8471.PNG
Fluffy Sheep
by Jen Swenty
Botanical Pattern -wallpaper pattern.jpg
Botanical Pattern
by Eleanor Fausing
Wallpaper Pattern-IMG_9122.PNG
Wallpaper Pattern
by Eleanor Fausing
by Tashi Studio
Tora I-415156096_751509773680570_2925188928434576902_n.jpg
Tora I
by Tashi Studio
Tora II-415203675_751509807013900_3524062526989282592_n.jpg
Tora II
by Tashi Studio
Bold Ethnic Print-Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 12.54.27.png
Bold Ethnic Print
by Tashi Studio
Floral Pattern -IMG_9613.PNG
Floral Pattern
by Tashi Studio
by Tashi Studio
Geometric Circle-Wallpaper.jpg
Geometric Circle
by Imrik Studio
San Bream - The Fish-SandBreamfishpromo8.jpg
San Bream - The Fish
by Imrik Studio
Bow Coquette Wallpaper-412748507_1425549784668007_7142460356845748501_n.jpg
Bow Coquette Wallpaper
by Webvilla Studio
Montage Design-IMG_9623.PNG
Montage Design
by Tashi Studio
Ditsy Floral Pattern -IMG_9769.PNG
Ditsy Floral Pattern
by Tashi Studio
Floral Pattern -IMG_9300.PNG
Floral Pattern
by Tashi Studio
Flower Pattern -MicrosoftTeams-image (34).png
Flower Pattern
by Tashi Studio
Flower Pattern -IMG_9789.PNG
Flower Pattern
by Tashi Studio
Jacobean Florals-415767281_752720376892843_7986455431541816580_n.jpg
Jacobean Florals
by Tashi Studio
Wild Savana-Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 13.56.45.png
Wild Savana
by Imrik Studio
by Tashi Studio
Palms-Tashi Studio.jpg
by Tashi Studio
Indian Prints-Tashi.jpg
Indian Prints
by Tashi Studio
Peonies and Cranes-wallpaper.jpg
Peonies and Cranes
by Tashi Studio
Orient -IMG_9302.PNG
by Tashi Studio
 Electric Lagoon-IMG_9337.PNG
Electric Lagoon
by TheCuriousDepartment
Flower Pattern -IMG_9293.PNG
Flower Pattern
by Tashi Studio
 Coral Odyssey-IMG_8389.PNG
Coral Odyssey
by TheCuriousDepartment
Les Plumes -IMG_8319.PNG
Les Plumes
by Tatie Lou
Sand Bream - The Fish-SandBreamfishpromo9.jpg
Sand Bream - The Fish
by Imrik Studio
Roses Pattern -IMG_7668.PNG
Roses Pattern
by Webvilla Studio
Sand Bream - The Fish-IMG_7842.PNG
Sand Bream - The Fish
by Imrik Studio

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