Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.1

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Created: Jun 26, 2023
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.1-1-min.jpg

About the Product

- files work only in Photoshop: min. PS CC2020;

- pack includes 6 .psd files: ~6000x4000 px, 300dpi;

- please check screenshots for all the features;

- floral pattern applied by Tashi Tsering / (not included in the main zip file);

- well organized layers.

Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.1-3.1-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.1-4.1-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.1-5.1-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.1-5.2-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.1-5.3-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.1-5.4-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.1-5.5-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.1-8-min.jpg

Files In Use

Moroccan -IMG_0708.PNG
by Webvilla Studio
Moroccan -IMG_0707.PNG
by Webvilla Studio
by Tashi Studio
by TheCuriousDepartment
Zellandine Rose-IMG_8138.PNG
Zellandine Rose
by TheCuriousDepartment
Leaves Watercolor Wallpaper-Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 14.28.38.png
Leaves Watercolor Wallpaper
by Webvilla Studio
Abstract Shapes Pattern -IMG_8061.PNG
Abstract Shapes Pattern
by Webvilla Studio
Modern Floral Pattern-IMG_8018.PNG
Modern Floral Pattern
by Webvilla Studio
Dragonfly Swarm-The Curiosu wallpaper.jpg
Dragonfly Swarm
by TheCuriousDepartment
Heron Design-IMG_9591.PNG
Heron Design
by Kate Merritt
Wallpaper Pattern-IMG_9122.PNG
Wallpaper Pattern
by Eleanor Fausing
by Tashi Studio
San Bream - The Fish-SandBreamfishpromo8.jpg
San Bream - The Fish
by Imrik Studio
Bow Coquette Wallpaper-412748507_1425549784668007_7142460356845748501_n.jpg
Bow Coquette Wallpaper
by Webvilla Studio
 Electric Lagoon-IMG_9337.PNG
Electric Lagoon
by TheCuriousDepartment
 Coral Odyssey-IMG_8389.PNG
Coral Odyssey
by TheCuriousDepartment
Les Plumes -IMG_8319.PNG
Les Plumes
by Tatie Lou
Roses Pattern -IMG_7668.PNG
Roses Pattern
by Webvilla Studio
Sand Bream - The Fish-SandBreamfishpromo9.jpg
Sand Bream - The Fish
by Imrik Studio
Sand Bream - The Fish-IMG_7842.PNG
Sand Bream - The Fish
by Imrik Studio

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Aug 13, 2023

Love this set! But I had a problem with mockup 5 (one with the heater). The wallpaper was divided in 3 parts and they didnt match up on the final file. so i deleted 2 layers, expand the main wallpaper layer so I have just 1 layer of wallpaper . But then I had a shadow line in overlay layers just in the place where the two wallpaper layers ware touching. So I just clone stamp this line on all 3 layers (b, w and w copy) to remove it. And voila! Hope this helps In case somebody has same error.

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