Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.2

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Created: Jun 25, 2023
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About the Product

What is Paper Wallpaper Mockup?

Check out this Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.2 by Creatsy! Mockup files are a must-have tool for every designer, artist, and illustrator who wants to share their artwork realistically. This mockup is perfect for showing your designs! This mockup is guaranteed to impress while showing off your custom illustration and pattern designs. Creatsy provides high-quality pictures warped into incredible mockups for every occasion. Every file gives you sharp, clear images to work with. You can change the color and design and set a custom color or design for the background. Included with the Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.2 are JPEG preview images for your convenience.  


This mockup set is excellent for designers, illustrators, and those who work—or want to work—in the design industry. A fantastic way for surface designers to demonstrate their design skills in their portfolio is by harnessing the power of mockups. The well-organized, customizable Adobe Photoshop layers of the mockup set enable you to showcase your design realistically, bringing your designs to life. Your motifs and patterns take center stage in this product mockup. Pitching the next best-selling product is a cinch using the Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.2 mockup template by Creatsy. 

What makes Creatsy different from other mockup providers?

Creatsy’s mockups feature well-organized files with objects and shadows saved on individual layers for easy saving. Mockups always include a white Amazon-ready background for selling products. All mockup files are made using smart objects to preserve details and allow for maximum editability. With easy-to-edit smart objects and color layers, elements can be relocated, fully customized, or removed—completely personalized to fit your needs. 

  • Compatibility: Adobe Photoshop min. version PS CC2020,
  • Includes: 6 PSD files with well-organized layers: 6000x4000 px, 300 dpi, 
  • Editable components: color and design change,
  • patterns showcased on mockups by Tashi Tsering /
  • (patterns are NOT included, this product is a mockup intended for you to add your own designs).
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.2-3.1-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.2-4.1-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.2-5.1-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.2-5.2-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.2-5.3-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.2-5.4-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.2-5.5-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.2-8-min.jpg

Files In Use

Brechtje IV-Latest additions on our website! ??????.??????????????????????.??????........#tashistudio #luxuryprintpatterns #dutchflorals #designerprints #boldflorals #darkflorals #tulips #vintagedutchstyle #flowers (1).jpg
Brechtje IV
by Tashi Studio
Brechtje III-Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 15.00.13.png
Brechtje III
by Tashi Studio
Heritage Florals-New design Preview! #tashistudio ??????.??????????????????????.??????.......#orientalprints #asianart #chinesevintagepatterns #peonyfloralprints #asiantextiles #ornamentalflorals #flowerprints #wallpaperdes.jpg
Heritage Florals
by Tashi Studio
Shiroi Hana IV-New designs now available! ??????????????????????.????????.??????..........#printpatterns #surfacedesigns #wallpaperdesigns #textiledesigns #floralprints #flowerdesigns #ceramicdesigns #floralillustra (1).jpg
Shiroi Hana IV
by Tashi Studio
Shiroi Hana I-Screenshot 2024-06-05 at 14.26.13.png
Shiroi Hana I
by Tashi Studio
Sand Bream - The Fish-Screenshot 2024-06-04 at 12.13.10.png
Sand Bream - The Fish
by Imrik Studio
by Imrik Studio
Birds Print-IMG_7379.PNG
Birds Print
by One Sweet Orange
Opium Blush - Spring-IMG_7353.PNG
Opium Blush - Spring
by TheCuriousDepartment
Palm Prints-Screenshot_345.jpg
Palm Prints
by Tashi Studio
Erba & Campo-wallpaper imrik studio.jpg
Erba & Campo
by Imrik Studio
Botanical Pattern -wallpaper pattern.jpg
Botanical Pattern
by Eleanor Fausing
Tora II-415203675_751509807013900_3524062526989282592_n.jpg
Tora II
by Tashi Studio
Tora I-415156096_751509773680570_2925188928434576902_n.jpg
Tora I
by Tashi Studio
Floral Pattern -IMG_9613.PNG
Floral Pattern
by Tashi Studio
by Tashi Studio
Geometric Circle-Wallpaper.jpg
Geometric Circle
by Imrik Studio
Montage Design-IMG_9623.PNG
Montage Design
by Tashi Studio
Ditsy Floral Pattern -IMG_9769.PNG
Ditsy Floral Pattern
by Tashi Studio
Flower Pattern -IMG_9789.PNG
Flower Pattern
by Tashi Studio
Wild Savana-Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 13.56.45.png
Wild Savana
by Imrik Studio
Palms-Tashi Studio.jpg
by Tashi Studio
Indian Prints-Tashi.jpg
Indian Prints
by Tashi Studio
Peonies and Cranes-wallpaper.jpg
Peonies and Cranes
by Tashi Studio
Orient -IMG_9302.PNG
by Tashi Studio

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