Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.6

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Created: Jun 25, 2023
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About the Product

Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.6

Express your interior design vision with our Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.6. This versatile collection gives you a first-hand look at the transformative power of wallpaper in a variety of settings. With six different PSD files, you can explore the potential of these stunning wallcoverings from every angle.

The Versatile Artistry of Wallpaper

Our wallpaper mockup set is a testament to the beauty and creativity that wallpaper brings to interior spaces. With this PSD set, you have the freedom to customize every aspect of the wallpaper! You can customize the colors and design of the wallpaper to match your desired aesthetic; experiment with different wallpaper designs to find the perfect fit for your walls; visualize how modern wallpaper designs can transform your living spaces; create unique wallpaper ideas that reflect your individual style or create wallpaper that captures the essence of your bedroom decor.

- files work only in Photoshop: min. PS CC2020;

- pack includes 6 .psd files: ~6000x4000 px, 300dpi;

- please check screenshots for all the features;

- floral pattern applied by Tashi Tsering /;

- artwork designs are for example only and are not included in your purchase.

Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.6-3.1-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.6-4.1-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.6-5.1-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.6-5.2-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.6-5.3-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.6-5.4-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.6-5.5-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.6-8-min.jpg
Paper Wallpaper Mockup Set v.6-Contact info-min.jpg

Redefine Your Space

Each mockup presents the wallpaper in a different context, allowing you to visualize how it will come to life in your home. Variations include mockups of a single roll of wallpaper, multiple rolls, and even scenes of wallpaper being applied to walls. Whether you're an interior designer looking to showcase your wallpaper concepts or a homeowner on a mission to refresh your living spaces, our wallpaper mockup set gives you the power to reimagine your walls and redefine your surroundings.

No Limits to Your Creativity

Discover wallpaper design ideas that match your style; create custom wallpaper that tells your unique story; visualize the perfect wallpaper design for your bedroom; transform your walls with modern and innovative wallpaper; and make a wallpaper design that is uniquely yours. Still undecided? Maybe you should take a look at our Wallpaper Sample Book Mockup Set

Files In Use

Damasks II-Screenshot 2024-06-04 at 15.53.58.png
Damasks II
by Tashi Studio
White Palms-IMG_1388.PNG
White Palms
by Tashi Studio
Cianfrusaglia-Imrik Studio wallpaper.jpg
by Imrik Studio
by Tashi Studio
Patterns Collection-Screenshot_347.jpg
Patterns Collection
by Tashi Studio
Bold Ethnic Print-Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 12.54.27.png
Bold Ethnic Print
by Tashi Studio
Floral Pattern -IMG_9300.PNG
Floral Pattern
by Tashi Studio
by Tashi Studio
Flower Pattern -IMG_9293.PNG
Flower Pattern
by Tashi Studio

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