Vintage Bathroom Mockup (23/FFv.10)

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Created: Feb 11, 2020
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About the Product

What is the Vintage Bathroom Mockup (23/FFv.10)?

The Vintage Bathroom Mockup (23/FFv.10) is an Adobe Photoshop file to showcase your designs using smart objects and color layers. Editable PSD layers enable you to showcase your designs in a realistic setting. When you display your designs in a mockup, achieving a competitive edge is easy.

Why Are Creatsy’s Product Mockups Considered Exceptional?

Creatsy is known for its excellence. We provide only the highest-quality mockup files for you to showcase your artwork in a realistic setting. We aim to provide the tools you need to help you achieve your business goals and expand your customer base. Well-organized mockup files are vital for every designer, artist, or illustrator who wants to present their artwork or products in a realistic way that catches the eye of potential customers. The Vintage Bathroom Mockup (23/FFv.10) is a perfect mockup to expand your audience, beef up your portfolio, and attract new customers.

  • Compatibility: Adobe Photoshop min. version CC2015,
  • Pack includes: 1 PSD file with well-organized layers: 5000x6250 px, 300dpi,
  • Color & design change: wall, floor,
  • Color change: sanitary tapwery, lamp, soap dish & soap, pipes, heater, window, decors, mirror frame, lamp, baseboard, tiles & grout,
  • Design applied on mockups designed by Tashi Tsering/,
  • Patterns are NOT included, this product is a mockup intended for you to add your own designs.
Vintage Bathroom Mockup (23/FFv.10)-3.1.jpg
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Vintage Bathroom Mockup (23/FFv.10)-5.1.jpg
Vintage Bathroom Mockup (23/FFv.10)-8.jpg

Files In Use

Damasks I-Screenshot 2024-06-04 at 15.48.38.png
Damasks I
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Beauté Sauvage
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Poppies-Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 12.06.39.png
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Leaves Pattern -MicrosoftTeams-image (29).png
Leaves Pattern
by Elena Amo
Botanical Pattern-Bathroom botanical pattern.jpg
Botanical Pattern
by MenoMelo Studio
by Mairin Kareli
by Tashi Studio
Opium Blush-IMG_7416.PNG
Opium Blush
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Wallpaper Pattern-IMG_6094.PNG
Wallpaper Pattern
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Flower Pattern -IMG_5973.PNG
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Botanical Pattern
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Floral Pattern-tt (13).jpg
Floral Pattern
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Sepia Tropical Design-IMG_4836.PNG
Sepia Tropical Design
by Smoke in the Woods
by Tashi Tsering
Woodland toile-IMG_4537.PNG
Woodland toile
by Tashi Tsering

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