Baby Swimsuit Mockup Set 2 (27/LFv.2)

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Created: Jul 13, 2022
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About the Product

What is the Baby Swimsuit Mockup Set 2 (27/LFv.2)?

The Baby Swimsuit Mockup Set 2 (27/LFv.2) template by Creatsy offers exceptional-quality images of a box in multiple angles and varying quantities for you to mock up your designs. The well-organized, customizable Adobe Photoshop layers of the mockup set enable you to showcase your design realistically, exactly how you like them. You can select custom colors and textures for the background, and changing the box's design is easy. You can remove objects and shadows in the box mockup layers to save it with transparency. This mockup is guaranteed to make your design stand out from the crowd.

The Creatsy Difference

Creatsy is a freaking mockup machine. Specializing in mockups, we offer multiple products to meet every need. Do you need a particular option you don't see offered? No problem! We offer customized mockups to guarantee your satisfaction. At Creatsy, we are real people solving design problems with diverse mockup files. Every well-organized mockup file set comes with a PDF user manual to help you quickly mock up your designs. Do you need more help? We are more than happy to assist you! Email us at, and we'll get right back to you. 

  • Compatibility: Adobe Photoshop min. version CC2020,
  • Pack includes: 2 PSD files with well-organized layers: 6000x6000 px, 300dpi,
  • Check screenshots for all the features,
  • Editable: components: color and design,
  • Design applied on mockups by Claudia Orengo /,
  • Design are for example only and are not included in your purchase.
Baby Swimsuit Mockup Set 2 (27/LFv.2)-3.jpg
Baby Swimsuit Mockup Set 2 (27/LFv.2)-4.jpg
Baby Swimsuit Mockup Set 2 (27/LFv.2)-5.1.jpg
Baby Swimsuit Mockup Set 2 (27/LFv.2)-5.2.jpg
Baby Swimsuit Mockup Set 2 (27/LFv.2)-6.jpg
Baby Swimsuit Mockup Set 2 (27/LFv.2)-8.jpg

Files In Use

Sunshine On My Mind-IMG_1557.PNG
Sunshine On My Mind
by Tillie
Heart Pattern-IMG_1290.PNG
Heart Pattern
by Little Vanilla
Signature Blue-IMG_1257.PNG
Signature Blue
by The Blue Fig Studio
Pattern Design -IMG_0691.PNG
Pattern Design
by Brittany
Pattern for Kids -IMG_1117.PNG
Pattern for Kids
by Alisson
Flower Pattern -Florrie Holiday swim.jpg
Flower Pattern
by Florrie Holiday
Marmaid Pattern -IMG_7137.PNG
Marmaid Pattern
by Nadya Avdyusheva
Sunnies Pattern-swimsuit.jpg
Sunnies Pattern
by Deinki Studio
Orange Slice II-412752531_18272157124165826_4305508481629262480_n.jpg
Orange Slice II
by Hufton Studio
Orange Slice I-412342909_18272157133165826_1630398145526420411_n.jpg
Orange Slice I
by Hufton Studio
by Jess Miller
Floral Pattern -IMG_6791.PNG
Floral Pattern
by Julie Storie
Orange Citrus Pattern -Tati Abaurre (8).png
Orange Citrus Pattern
by Tati Abaurre
by Tati Abaurre
Pink Paradise-IMG_6796.PNG
Pink Paradise
by Annette Chabidon
Beach Pattern -IMG_6158.PNG
Beach Pattern
by Julie Storie Designs
 Little Daisy -IMG_6285.PNG
Little Daisy
by Erin Kendal
Bright and Wild Collection-IMG_6365.PNG
Bright and Wild Collection
by Nartwins
Floral Pattern-IMG_6364.PNG
Floral Pattern
by Nartwins
Floral Pattern-IMG_6363.PNG
Floral Pattern
by Nartwins
Floral Pattern-IMG_6362.PNG
Floral Pattern
by Nartwins
Tropical Fruit Medley-preview.jpg
Tropical Fruit Medley
by Clearlytangled
Floral Pattern -IMG_5391.PNG
Floral Pattern
by Julie Storie
Floral Swimsuit -IMG_5017.PNG
Floral Swimsuit
by Ingrid Martin
Pattern for Kids -IMG_4983.PNG
Pattern for Kids
by Natalie Wienand
Pattern for Kids -IMG_4985.PNG
Pattern for Kids
by Natalie Wienand
Sunflowers Pattern -IMG_2674.PNG
Sunflowers Pattern
by Kristianne Solano

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