What is a Mockup?

Mockups are great visual tools to get a better idea how the illustration will look on a variety of physical products.

It is important for designers to have a unique, realistic set of mockups in their arsenal. While pitching your design to a client, a realistic mockup template can help you outshine the competition. The right mockup can help the client visualize what the end product will look like with more clarity. You can learn more about benefits of using mockups and mockup types in our blog entry.

Basically, mockups are layered .psd / .psb / .tiff files that work in raster graphics editors like Photoshop (check our Software Requirements). The engine of mockups is a feature called Smart Objects. Smart Objects are special layers that preserve an image’s source content and allow to perform a nondestructive editing of it. That gives an infinite customization possibilities. You can check how to work with mockups in our fast Step by Step guide or try by yourself some of the free Creatsy mockups.

Creatsy mockup files fit well with trends in today’s market while also being timeless. We are designing only high quality mockups. The product always matches the description, files are made in the same way and are easy to navigate and modify. Each mockup (mockup set) includes personalized User Manual .pdf file, which is a very important feature for more complex files.

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