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  Creatsy on February 7, 2023
Julia Dreams pattern

Julia Dreams is a talented illustrator and surface pattern designer. Her style is a mix of organic and feminine aesthetics, featuring intricate line work, abstract shapes, and painterly textres with a preference for a penchant for botanical, floral, animal and celestial motifs.

julia-dreamsWhat are some of your greatest accomplishments as a surface pattern designer?

The product I'm holding in my hands is designed using my graphics, and it's from fabric and postcards to clothing and home decor.

What have been some of the challenges you’ve encountered in design?

The development of a collection is an exciting process, over time you find answers to all questions and in the future the process becomes smooth and easy.

What role does surface pattern design play in your life?

At the moment, Surface Pattern Design has become a main part of each of my collections. I get great pleasure from designing patterns and seeing the end result.

4.What is something you wish you knew about surface pattern design before you started in it?

Two main things: composition and color palette. Small changes in the color or composition of a pattern can produce different results.

Where do you find inspiration?

Flora and fauna are my main inspirations. I have a special love for botanical gardens and national parks.

How would you describe your style?

I don't think I can describe my style in one word. My style is a mix of different themes, materials, techniques, programs, colors and more.


How did you decide on your color palette? Do those colors have symbolism or meaning for you?

I like to experiment with colors and I don't try to follow any particular color palette or tone. Often my collections contain shades of green and yellow, but I think this is all due to the predominance of floral themes in my designs.

Do you have a strategy or system you use to approach designing your patterns?

I have a certain system that I have been following for many years when developing patterns, but it is more of a correct sequence of actions that helps me create a pattern.

Do you use mood boards or other sources of inspiration for your designs?

I don't think mood boards are my usual method of designing a collection. If I may say so, I create a mood board in my head. I think about details, colors, compositions, and already in the process of creating I experiment, remove or add something new.


Which program or programs do you use to create your designs?

There are four programs that I usually use to create my designs: Illustrator, Fresco, Photoshop and Procreate.

How long did it take you to build up your portfolio?

I have been a graphic resource creator for 8 years and currently have over 200 collections in my portfolio.

How did it feel to see your design on a product or product mockup for the first time?

Inspiration and delight! I'm always happy to receive photos from buyers who create wonderful products around the world using my designs.

Do you have a favorite design or collection of designs?

I think that I can find something special that I like in every collection, but my absolute favorite is the «Magic Jungle Collection», «Magic of Tarot Collection» and «Groovy Posters and Patterns».

How has using product mockups benefitted your design process or sales?

Mockups have become an integral part of my collections and design in general. They help show what a product might look like in real life, especially using mockups created by Creatsy, that are of incredible quality and realism.

Julia Dreams x Creatsy

We feel honored that we could use your wonderful patterns in so many of our fabric, fashion and stationery mock-ups. Thank you Julia!