Vinyl Mockup Revolution

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  Helena Motyl on April 19, 2024
Special Effects Vinyl Record Mockup Set

It's time for a revolution! A very special kind of revolution - a musical revolution. All you aspiring rock stars, jazzmen, metalheads, classical musicians, and other dreamers, you have finally found the place where your ideas can take real shape with vinyl record mockups.

The Marriage of Past and Present

When you're torn between retro aesthetics and modern convenience, you don't always have to choose one over the other. Sometimes you can have both at the same time, and we have the perfect example of this phenomenon for you: vinyl records.

We offer you the opportunity to combine the iconic look of vinyl records with your own artwork. With Creatsy's vinyl mockups, you can design not only record labels, but also custom album covers, vinyl sleeves, and even change the colors of the records themselves. Are you up for the challenge?

vinyl record closeup mockupcolored vinyl mockup set

The Classic Charm of Black Vinyl

Let's start with the classics. The black vinyl record is the most recognizable, traditional form - but you can give it a personal, unique vibe. Use your design ideas to create original custom labels with your own graphics, logo and track listing. Match them with the perfect cover and choose the perfect shots and angles to display your album to the world.

black vinyl record mockupclassic vinyl record mockup

The Extravagant Kaleidoscope of Colors 

Well, traditional options are great, but their biggest advantage is also their biggest disadvantage: everyone has seen them before. And while people like to be sentimental, they also need to be surprised from time to time to keep their interest. So what better way of doing that than making the records glow with all the colors of the rainbow?

It's time to get the fun started! Take a mockup of a colorful record and fully customize its texture and accessories.

color vinyl record mockupcolored vinyl mockup set

See Through The Music

Have you ever dreamed of seeing music? Well, this is the closest you'll ever get! You may not be able to see the little notes flying around, but you'll be able to see right through a completely transparent record. That's a unique experience in itself - and with the clear vinyl record mockups, you can make it even more personal.

And you don't have to stare at the record all the time - you can look at the world through it! In addition to the studio shots, we've also prepared an outdoor session that will allow you to experience the melody of design in new locations.

clear vinyl record mockup setclear vinyl record outdoor mockup set

Let's Go Half and Half 

Have you looked at our suggestions so far and found that you can't make up your mind? Both colored and clear vinyls seem equally appealing to you? We have good news for you! You can have both at the same time.

Colorful translucent vinyl mockups are the best of both worlds. You can play with different colors and shades and match them to the covers without losing the charming effect of transparency. And don't worry - in between the professional studio shots, you'll also find a few outdoor shots so you can see what vinyl looks like in the sunlight.

translucent outdoor vinyl mockup settranslucent vinyl record mockup

Throw a Design Party

If you really want to get into the music and give your vinyls a stylish, modern twist, we have just the thing for you. Our DJ Edition set of vinyl record mockups will help you get any crowd dancing!

So take over the DJ desk, turn on some colorful flashing lights, and put your first record on the turntable. Can you go through the entire collection in one night?

vinyl record dj editionvinyl record close-up dj edition

It's Time For Special Effects

Let's end on a high note! Every good musical show needs special effects. And Creatsy has them for you! In addition to the option of different colors in some sets, we also have 27 of the most popular color special effects for vinyl records for you.

Choose from smoke, marble, fade and splatter effects. Create amazing compositions of shapes and colors and feel like a real abstract painter preparing for an exhibition! Only your artworks will be even better because they will be accompanied by music. 

special effects vinyl records and covers mockupspecial effects vinyl outdoor mockup