Troubleshooting Unzipping ZIP files on Windows

The size of your file matches the size specified on the website, but you still encounter errors when unpacking ZIP files or find that your ZIP package unzips empty? This problem may be caused by a bug in the default unarchiver software or a lack of support for certain types of archives. However, you can use additional tools to extract ZIP files on Windows.

  1. 7-Zip
    7-Zip is an exceptional free and open-source archive manager renowned for its extensive support of various archive files and container formats.
  2. PeaZip
    This option is versatile and offers an intuitive user experience.
  3. If you're interested in a paid alternative, we recommend:

  4. WinRAR
    Is a widely recognized file compression and archive management utility known for its efficiency and reliability.

Important Note: If you have software such as "7-Zip" installed, follow these steps to use it: Right-click on the zip file, then select "7-Zip" from the context menu, and choose "Extract here." Alternatively, you can open the "7-Zip" program and navigate to the file's location on your disk. Not doing so may cause the default tool to unzip the file, which could result in the recurrence of your initial issue.

Are you still having problems with your file after following our recommendations? Please write us and we will have a look at your case individually and offer further solutions.

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