How To Get an Invoice?

To find the invoice:

  1. On, click the You icon.
  2. Choose Orders & Invoices.
  3. Find the order you need and click on Download Invoice on the right side of your screen to get the invoice.

The invoice is also attached to each e-mail confirming the purchase. If you don’t want to receive invoices via email go to Account Settings > Email Notifications and uncheck the item Send invoices via e-mail, then Save Changes.

To update your invoice with new billing details:

  1. To update billing information go to Account Settings > Billing Informations, after making changes click Save Changes.
  2. Send a request to update your invoice. Make sure to indicate the order number, which relates to the invoice.
  3. We will let you know once the invoice is updated and you will be able to download it in your Orders & Invoices.

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