General Licenses FAQ

What is an End Product?

An End Product is a product you will create from the asset(s) you purchased on Creatsy. The total End Products permitted under a single license would be a combination of the end products you sell and the different products you create. For example, if you create five products under a single license and each product is sold 100 times, you have used 505 uses allowed from the individual license you purchased. The Commercial license allows up to 5,000 end products. The Extended Commercial license allows up to 250,000 end products. If you reach the end product limit, you must purchase another license to allow for more sales.

What if my use exceeds End Products limit?

If your use exceeds the allowed number of sales or End Products, you may purchase another license.

What are Seats?

When more than one individual requires access to the product files, you should purchase an additional seat (license) for every individual needing access. One seat would be the same as one license. In your cart, you can modify the number of seats and switch the license for those seats. Use the + or - to toggle the number of seats.

How can I buy a Personal License?

We do not offer Personal License for any of our products.

Can I sell digital products using assets from Creatsy?

Any use that allows anyone other than the Licensee to customize a digital or physical end product (such as an end-user) is prohibited. You may not use the template in a "print on demand," "made to order," or "download on-demand" application. To ensure the product you are selling is not viewed as a resale of the original asset or directly competitive with the products you purchased, we recommend making your product and designs significantly different than the assets you purchased a license for. For example, if you purchased a mockup file - the End Product should be a flattened image with your design applied. Please note that creating a template (e.g. digital planner) is not permitted. Your product listing should be clear that it is not a template intended for others to customize but rather a final design/graphic that can be used the way you created it.

To learn more, please check Use Cases or our full License Agreement.

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