Can’t Complete PayPal Payment

Several reasons can explain this issue:

  1. Your card has expired or out of date. Check how to change the expiration date of debit/credit card here.
  2. You need to confirm your card. Learn how to confirm debit/credit card here.
  3. PayPal uses various security measures to protect their users. Because of this, PayPal may occasionally prohibit a buyer from submitting payment to a seller through PayPal. If you you can’t download the purchased files, it probably means that the funds haven’t reached us yet. Please wait for 1-2 hours and check if you can download the files once again. If your payment is still pending after 2 hours, we recommend contacting PayPal directly. Reach out PayPal's customer service team for help and learn more in their Security Center.

If you're ultimately unable to submit payment, try working with alternative payment method. At this moment we also accept payments through debit and credit cards.

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