Interview with Maggie of Paper Aesthetic

  Creatsy on February 7, 2023
Floral Pattern

Maggie is a surface pattern designer based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Her patterns, inspired by nature are characterized by organic forms, intricate details, and recurring motifs such as animals, plants, and landscapes. These patterns often feature a mix of colors, shapes, and textures reflecting the complexity of the natural world.

When did you get started in surface pattern design?


I started severals years ago - back in 2014. Although, I was creating completely different style of patterns back then.


Were you formerly involved as a designer in another capacity, or was this an entirely new field for you?


Design was always a huge part of me. Even now I’m working on several other projects, all of them design related.


Is surface pattern design a full-time career choice, something you do part time, or just your hobby?


It’s definitely full-time.


How did you learn what you know about surface pattern design?


I was fascinated by a beautiful pattern I saw on Etsy and I asked my husband, who is also a designer, ‘Do you know how to do that?’ He showed me how to create a repeatable pattern in Photoshop. Everything else I’ve learned from a lot of practise and experimentation. I rely more on intuition, than on some firm, math guidance of how to create a good pattern. Practise makes perfect indeed.


Where do you find inspiration?


I find inspiration in the colors. I love the endless combinations of them, it’s so easy to create a product, an emotion, a vibe, just using colors.


Can you walk us through your design process?


Oh, it’s messy. Usually it starts with an idea in my mind - like, let’s create a spring pattern. I’m choosing a color palette, and looking for some spring flowers for example. While I’m searching for spring flowers, somehow I find a beautiful photo of super vibrant Colibri bird. I’m amazed by its colors and decide to switch to a tropical pattern. But then I find out that I really don’t like how the palm trees goes with the tropical birds I’ve chosen, so at the end instead of lively spring flowers pattern, I create a mute neutral tropical pattern. Basically, that’s what happens every time.


Which program or programs do you use to create your designs?


I mainly use Photoshop, but I also love Procreate.


Where can we view your portfolio?


At this time, I upload my works in Creative Market only:


Do you have a favorite design or collection of designs?


Actually, I don’t. What it seems really beautiful yesterday, doesn’t seem so fascinating today.


How do you use product mockups with your designs?


Oh, I LOVE product mockups! Especially yours, for real. I use them literally for everything. They give so much life to the design. On the practical side - they also give ideas how to use the pattern, what you could create and eventually sell as a product. I love them.


Describe your ideal working day.


I wake up, sit on my desk and 12 to 14 hours later I’m done with the design, it’s beautiful, people like it, and my neck or back doesn’t hurt. The last one is really important part of the ideal working day.


Is there anything else you want us to know about you and what you do?


i just like to thank you for creating such a beautiful mockups. You’re a pure inspiration and I honestly admire your work so much. It sounds like a cliche but your attention to the detail is outstanding and using your mockups is a favorite part of my work.

Paper Aesthetic x Creatsy

We are incredibly grateful to Maggie for all the amazing patterns we applied on our product mockups! Thank you so much!