Unlock Your Artistic Potential: Join The Kernference

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  Helena Motyl on October 31, 2023
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Have there ever been ideal times for artists? Probably not, and today's world doesn't make it easy. However, there are actions that can improve their lives and allow them to feel part of the artistic community! One of them is The Kernference, organized by Goodtype.

A Creative Extravaganza from November 1 to 3

The Kernference will begin on November 1, 2023 and will last for three days, until November 3. These days will be filled with creativity, fun and learning, but most of all - they will be filled with meetings. Meetings of artists, designers, painters, writers, and all kinds of creators who want to share their passion and experiences. Who will they be meeting with? The answer is simple: you! 

Kernference presentation

Your Passport to a Worldwide Artistic Community

If you are just interested in creative work, if you want to become a creator yourself, if you are just taking your first steps in this world or if you want to return to it after a break - there are seats waiting for you at The Kerference! Well, not literally, because the conference is remote, which makes it a little difficult to get physical seats - but it does allow people from all over the world to attend! That's quite an advantage, right? 

Explore a Diverse World of Artistic Wisdom

One ticket, available for purchase here, gives you access to the full three days of content. Head over to meet calligraphers, jump over to chat with marketing specialists, have a digital coffee with video creation experts. Give yourself a chance to learn new things that cover a wide range of topics: from creating a business plan, to caring for your mental health in the creative industry, to the juicy details of design history. Sound like an adventure? Check out the schedule and get swept away! 

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No Time to Attend Live? No Problem!

Are you interested in absolutely every session, but afraid that sad capitalist reality won't let you and you'll be too busy working? Don't worry, we've all been there. Fortunately, the organizers have prepared for this eventuality by offering participants the opportunity to view transcripts of the recordings of all lectures for a month after the event. 

Creatsy x Kernference: Uniting Creativity

But why are you reading this here? What do Creatsy and Kernference have in common? We share a passion for creativity and nerdy interests, but that's not all! We are now official sponsors of The Kernference, and because of that, all attendees of this event will be able to pick up a special goodie bag! What's in it? Three of our new high quality mockups so you can dive right into the world of artistry and test your ideas on real projects: cards, mugs and notebooks. 

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Embrace Your Artistic Journey at The Kernference 

Don't wait! The world is moving like crazy, and the best way to keep up is to let the wings of artistic creativity carry you along. At The Kernference, you'll learn how to put them on and wear them with pride, without flying too close to the sun!