An Interview with Irene Demetri

  Creatsy on February 7, 2023

Irene Demetri of, based in Athens, Greece, has graciously given us a sneak peek into her journey as a designer through this written interview. 

dffdHow long have you been a surface pattern designer?

I have been creating digital pattern products since 2016. 

When did you realize surface pattern design was something you were interested in pursuing?

In my creative career, I was always intrigued by repeated motifs and patterns, so when I decided to choose a digital product to create, my decision for surface patterns was intuitive. 

Why did you become a surface pattern designer?

After having a family, I wanted to become a full-time freelance designer. Soon I realized I needed more than individual client work projects, which were very strict with timelines and were generally not aligned with my schedule. So, I decided to start creating some digital resources for online markets, and at that point, I began working with seamless patterns. 

How did you become a surface pattern designer (school, self-taught, etc.)?

I studied Graphic Design with a BA and MA in Visual Communication Design in London. At that point, I was more focused on typography and consumer psychology. Still, soon after my studies, I started working mainly as a UI (web) Designer for almost ten years, both as an employee in web design companies and as a freelancer. Later in life, my focus shifted back to Graphics Design, and six years ago, I started creating digital resources for other people. 

Where do you find inspiration?

I draw inspiration from nature, multiple online resources, magazines, TV, my everyday life, and anything that surrounds me. Inspiration can come from the most minute things in our daily lives.


What does your design process look like?

My design process varies based on the kind of product I am working on, so sometimes I could start completely hands-on, drawing with pencils and pens or watercolors, then move to my computer to digitally edit my drawings. Other times I work solely on digital products from start to finish. Lately, I have been very much into 3D software and adding 3D elements to my work, mostly computer work. 

Which programs do you use to create a design from beginning to end?

The software I use the most is Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and, lately, Blender. 

8.How did you design your portfolio?

My portfolio, or if I should say better, my shop, has been a work in progress, featuring at this point designs from 2016 until today. 

How do you deal with feedback?

Feedback is always welcome—it is what helps me get better, improve my products, and see issues people may have that I may not have noticed. As long as it is well-intended, I love hearing back from my buyers. 


Which are some of your favorite designs or projects you've worked on?

I always get so passionate about the project I am working on that, at the time, I feel it is my best one yet :) Looking back over the years, I love my Japanese Patterns, and from my gradient sets, I love the Colorful Grainy Gradients. 

11.How do you use mockups to display your designs?

Mockups are a valuable tool for my work. I use them to show how I envision my products being used, and they help bring my graphics to life for my audience. I often select to use everyday products and fabrics to create my product’s preview images so that everyone can see all the possible ways a set of graphics can be used.  

What's your dream job?

I feel so lucky that my work and the freedom it gives me have been my dream job. 

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Thank you for having me, Creatsy. :) It is always a pleasure. I wish you all the best! Let’s hope we can all keep creating for many years to come :) 

Irene Demetri x Creatsy

We are thankful for you giving us the opportunity to use your outstanding designs for our fabric, packaging, print, and stationery mockups. Thank you, Irene!