Interview with Tashi Tsering of Tashi Studio

  Creatsy on February 7, 2023
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Tashi is a creative head and founder of Tashi Studio, an online print design studio based in Spain. His work ranges from designing wallpapers, bedding collections and home accessories to collaborating with interior designers and architects to cater to their exclusive needs in the surface design department.

tashiWhat are some of your greatest accomplishments as a surface pattern designer?

As of now, I feel I am yet to accomplish many things that I can call great!

What are some of the challenges you’ve encountered in design?

Some of the main challenges were to understand certain aspect of designs in terms of technical issue when it comes to one´s skills. That I´ve managed to overcome through learning from different sources and people along the years. Also to get information about the design industry in general is quite a challenge but there are many amazing people who were willing to help in sharing information.

What role does surface pattern design play in your life?

Everything as it is my career as a surface pattern designer. 

What is something you wish you knew about surface pattern design before you started in it?

That, with hard work, I can earn a living doing my own style of work.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspirations from various arts and crafts across the world. Especially when it comes to traditional textiles from different parts of the world, I am totally inspired by their motifs, its structures and colors.

Do you have a strategy or system you use to approach designing your patterns?

My main strategy is to rely on my aesthetic taste whenever I interpret an inspiration.

In terms of process, I usually keep the end user in mind and try to make it as easy for them as possible to use my patterns.

Do you use mood boards or other sources of inspiration for your designs?

I do sometimes, although a lot of times, I forget but I´d realized that a mood board really helps you stay focused on the particular theme you´re working on.

Which program or programs do you use to create your designs?

I mostly use Adobe photoshop and sometime Adobe illustrator. I´ve also slowly started to procreate.


How long did it take you to build up your portfolio?

There is still so much to do in terms of building my portfolio however I would say it has taken me at least 5-7 years in the industry to build up a decent portfolio.

How did it feel to see your design on a product or product mockup for the first time?

Super excited but then that excitement soon dies down quite quickly as you get used to seeing your designs on products quite often however there are designs which you feel special about and you feel excited when you see it on the products.

Do you have a favorite design or collection of designs?

I don´t have a favorite one however some of my favorite one´s are the hand painted chintz design. I need to focus on making more of those when I get time ??!

How has using product mockups benefitted your design process or sales?

On a huge level to be honest. For the longest time I´ve been wanting to get 3d simulation programs for mockups but couldn´t afford it and photoshop mockups were at best flat and mechanical looking until I came across your mockups. Product mockups such yours gives the pattern design an entire new dimension and life which could never be achieved in a flat presentation. So it has absolutely benefitted my design process and in turn sales. 

Is there anything else you want us to know about you and what you do?

Well, there is not much to say about me to be honest. I am Tashi Tsering, a textile designer and founder of Tashi design studio based in Spain. I specialize in creating patterns for fashion, home décor, wallpapers etc,.

Tashi Studio x Creatsy

It is such an enjoyable experience to dress our mockups with your patterns. Thank you so much, Tashi!