An Interview with Elaine Bozza of Ebozza Studio

  Creatsy on February 7, 2023

Today, we get to hear from the lovely Elaine Bozza and learn more about her creative journey as a surface pattern designer.  

ebozzaWhen did you get started in surface pattern design?

I started studying pattern design online in Skillshare classes in 2019. 

Were you formerly involved as a designer in another capacity, or was this an entirely new field for you?

Since I was a little girl, I have always done creative projects, such as drawings and painting. I attended art classes every week after school until I finally got my Social Communication degree at the University UNIMEP in Brazil. But pattern design was totally new for me, and I've been studying it online. 

Is surface pattern design a full-time career choice, something you do part-time, or just your hobby?

I want to become a full-time pattern designer and illustrator, but right now, pattern design is part of my creative business, which is part-time. I also work full-time as a chef. 

How did you learn what you know about surface pattern design?

I've studied pattern design online in Skillshare and courses with the designer Mel Armstrong. 

Where do you find inspirations?

It is a mixture of traveling, adventure, and nature. The fact that I can tell stories about animals and plants through illustrations and patterns fascinates me.  


Can you walk us through your design process?

I choose to start my artwork process backward. First, I focus on who my audience is and what and why I'm creating the pattern. For instance, I consider if the design will be for a kids' room decoration, such as wallpaper or fabric, decorative products, etc. After that, my next step is to hand-draw the motifs on regular paper in different positions and perspectives. Then I test the color palette and clean up the illustrations digitally (line work). Once I'm happy with the composition, I start coloring and adding details. I mainly create my finished images and patterns in Photoshop the next day. From my experience, I've learned that looking at the artwork with a "fresh eye" is always great for finding mistakes. Once I have finished the pattern tile, I test it on mockups to ensure that everything is harmonious. 

Which program or programs do you use to create your designs?

I clean up the sketches with Adobe Fresco or Procreate and finish them in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. 

Where can we view your portfolio?

You can see it on my website: and some "behind the scenes" moments on Instagram:


Do you have favorite design or collection of designs?

My favorite collections are with marine animals and birds. 

How do you use product mockups with your designs?

Mockup is my starting and finishing creative stages. I mainly use mockups to test if my colour palette is harmonious in a "real decoration". I usually set the mockups in white and sketch on top of them after it trying the color palette.


Describe your ideal working day.

I don't have an ideal routine, but I feel more productive when I start working at 5 am because it is a peaceful time, and I can enjoy the sunrise every day. I first make my coffee, post my illustrations on social media, and then focus on finishing projects, checking emails, etc.

Because the pattern designer is still a part-time job, I divide my tasks into little stages and organize them according to the due date.


Is there anything else you want us to know about you and what you do?

Because I love Nature and animals, I love creating a project for clients with have sustainable products or policies in their companies. Apart from that, one of my biggest dreams is to do collaborations by illustrating books in watercolors for children. 

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