An Interview with Lisima

  Creatsy on February 7, 2023

The ever-creative Lisima shares her genius in design with us in this written interview. 

lisimaWhat got you interested in surface pattern design?

I have always loved creating unusual artwork. The direction of seamless patterns allows us to give these works of art a practical application, weaving together two fantastic worlds: drawing and design. I love when the artwork is used not only as a painting in the house, but curtains, pillows, and décor in the house become a work of art! Illustration finds new embodiment in seamless patterns. 

How did you become a surface pattern designer (school, self-taught, etf.)?

I have an education as a sculptor and artist. I started doing watercolor and digital illustrations, but drawing basics helped me master this direction. 

Where do you find inspiration?

My main inspiration is inner zeal— every time I create, my goal is to do the job better and better! I also really like to combine the incongruous. For example, I look at the onyx stone and think, hmm, but can you draw leaves that are similar in texture? 

How often do you draw or paint?

I draw almost every day, which is still not enough to create all those ideas that overcome me every day. 

What does your design process look like?

First, everything starts with an idea. I try to visualize it in detail with my eyes closed. I draw first in my imagination. I try to imagine what the work should look like. I envision all the details. Then I sketch out the general shape and colors in Procreate. Then I draw all the elements for several weeks before transferring all the files to Adobe Photoshop. In Adobe Photoshop, I process each element to a finished look. I brighten, darken, fine-tune fine textures and edges, and save all the elements in PNG format. And the final step is I make a pattern in Adobe Photoshop. In the process, I make it in a large format and adjust the position of each element so that it looks perfect in a large format! 

Which programs do you use to create a design from beginning to end?

Procreate and Adobe Photoshop. 


Your baby flamingoes are so cute! How do you decide which of your illustrations to put together to make a collection to sell?

Thank you! I immediately draw a connected series of illustrations so that all the elements are in harmony. 


How do you deal with feedback - especially constructive criticism?

I treat criticism with curiosity and interest if it is constructive. 

Are there any designs or illustrations you've made that were your favorite?

I would say that my favorite illustration is the one we live in! Just look at the details around us—all the kinds of birds, animals, and plants that exist! It is an endless field of inspiration. You can come up with flowers and take, for example, the unusual plumage of an exotic bird as the basis for the concept! 

How do you know when your design is "just right"?

Stopping and finishing work is always difficult. Usually, in the process, I think, “Oh, how nice it would be to draw some more flowers here,” and, “I can add horses and backgrounds!” But the ideas do not end there, and instead of one collection, you can create a whole book with a story and characters. 


How do you use mockups to display your designs?


Mockups are essential for showcasing and selling a collection! Layouts reveal the beauty of the work and show how many ways patterns can be used and how diverse they can look at various scales, in multiple styles, and on different objects. Mockups add luxury to the set! I adore and admire Creatsy’s mockup collections. They are always tasteful and detailed and brighten up any artist's collection! 

Is this your dream job?

Yes! This is what makes my life meaningful! My work is the materialization of thought. I am an intermediary between the world of illusions and fantasies, and through my drawing skills, they find their way into our world. I am so thrilled that this journey is endless because there is always room to grow! In the future, I plan to create a cartoon about life outside the material world, and of course, there will be a lot of unusual plants in this world! 

Is there anything else you want to share about yourself or what you do?

wish everyone who reads this to find their path of heart. Always follow your dream—it's worth it! In this world, you do not need to wait for something from the outside. Happiness does not come by itself. You are the source of happiness; you are the reason for everything in your life! Forward! 

Lisima x Creatsy