Best Mockups Freebies to Use as a Designer in 2024

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  Kasia Zielosko on January 18, 2024
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As a designer, you surely know how important it is to present a design on a product. However, it is expensive to print products while the customer can still make adjustments. And if you are selling designs intended for different products, how do you present them on all of them? The answer is mockups. 

The importance of mockups in the creative process cannot be overstated. Mockups serve as a crucial bridge between imagination and realization, allowing designers to showcase their work in a realistic context. If you have not used mockups before, you can use the free options to try this solution. 

In 2024, the design landscape is evolving rapidly, and so are the tools available to designers. In this blog post, we'll explore the best free mockup resources across various design niches to help you elevate your projects and presentations.

Mockups for Textile Designers

Textile designers thrive on visualizing their creations in real-world contexts. Whether it's fabric patterns, apparel designs, or accessory concepts, having the right mockup can significantly enhance the presentation. 

Plain Fabric Design

Check out these several free mockups on which you can showcase any project, whether it's one with small details or large prints. 

Cotton Fabric Sample Free Mockup

cotton fabric sample mockup

Versatile Fabric Rolls Free Mockup

fabric rolls free mockup

Customizable Fabric Rolls Free Mockup

custom fabric rolls free mockup

Product Fabric Design

If you want to present a design on a finished product, you can use these free mockups: 

Free Tote Bag Mockup v.5

free tote bag mockup

Hanging Drawstring Pouch Mockup

drawstring free mockup

Free Fabric Pumpkin Mockup

pumpkin mockup free

Mockups for Branding Designers

Branding is all about creating a lasting impression, and mockups play a pivotal role in presenting cohesive brand identities. Here are some free mockups for branding designers:

Spring Tree Business Card Mockup

business card free mockup

Avocado Fruits Sticker Mockup

fruits sticker mockup free

Mockups for Child Pattern Designers

Designing for children requires a special touch, and the right mockups can help convey the playfulness and vibrancy needed for this audience. Here are some free mockups for child pattern designers:

Crinkle Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blanket Mockup

blanket mockup free

Baby Sneakers Mockup

snickers mockup free

In the ever-evolving landscape of design, the right mockup can make all the difference in how your work is perceived. Whether you're a textile designer, branding expert, child pattern designer, or gadget guru, these free mockups will provide valuable tool to elevate your in 2024. Experiment with different mockups and stay updated on emerging trends to keep your designs fresh and impactful.

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Here's to pushing the boundaries of creativity in 2024 and beyond!