Easter Templates & Mockups for Graphic Design

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  Helena Motyl on March 25, 2024
Easter Egg Modern Art Mockup

Do you feel like you repeat the same patterns and ideas every year at Easter? Are you one chick in a basket away from breaking down? Are the adorable bunnies in the meadow not quite your aesthetic? Don't worry! There is a solution to your problems: Easter Mockups.

Turn your Easter projects into modern art.

If you like to mix different styles and turn your graphic design portfolio into a display of modern art, we have some perfect suggestions for you.

Multi-Style Easter Egg Mockup Set

Combine abstract shapes and photographic precision to create modern canvases for your graphics. Break convention and decorate cracked egg shells, cardboard boxes, and painted egg jars. Tie a few ribbons for extravagance and you're ready to go!

Easter Egg Cards Mockup Set

Any occasion is good for a little creative branding! Yes, even Easter, why not? This set lets you have fun with stickers and logo design using - of course - Easter eggs and cards. Creating corporate Easter greetings has never been easier!

multi-style easter mockupeaster branding mockup

Immerse yourself in vintage aesthetics. 

Or are you dreaming of something completely different this year? Like a return to traditional, old-fashioned aesthetics? No problem! Escapist Cottage Core mockups are waiting to take you on a sentimental Easter journey.

Retro Style Easter Egg Mockup Set

Rustic natural linen backing, spring plants and flowers, potpourri and paintbrushes are all included in this stylish, artistic set. Paint Easter eggs and egg shells and choose background colors. Create a memorable image of classic Arcadia without getting up from your chair!

retro easter mockup set

Send creative greetings. 

Sure, pre-made cards from the stationery store may be a great last-minute solution, but don't you sometimes feel like your loved ones deserve a little more? Like personalized greetings designed by you? If your answer is yes, look no further. Easter greeting card templates are just a click away.

Easter Greeting Card Mockup

The Easter extravaganza is here! And your own design is at the center of it all. Imagine a table full of Easter crafts - ribbons, scissors, Easter eggs, pens, egg jars. They all form an artistic and messy (but in a good way) frame for your custom Easter card. Now all you have to do is fill it out!

Happy Easter Poster Mockup

Or maybe it's the rustic, natural style that appeals to you the most? Fear not - we haven't left you alone. This mockup will be your best friend this Easter! Your own custom poster is placed on a base of moss and bark, subtly decorated with twigs, flowers and Easter eggs. It's time to get inspired by nature!

easter card mockupeaster poster mockup

Celebrate for free with Easter Freebies.

Last but not least: Creatsy has a surprise for you!

From March 25 to April 1, 2024, you will be able to download a special set of free Easter mockups. Now you don't have to worry about a tight budget getting in the way of your creativity. Grab these freebies and make the world more colorful!

Happy Easter Free Mockup Set

easter freebies mockup set