5 Fabric Mockups That Will Make Your Design Look Amazing

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  Kasia Zielosko on November 28, 2022

As a designer, you surely wonder how your designs will look in use. Will the design look good on the material? Is the print large enough and the details clearly visible? Fortunately, you can check it on a mockup that looks so authentic that you'll have a hard time recognizing whether it's a graphic or a photo. Today I'm giving you 5 suggestions for best fabric mockups that you can use to present your project on the material.

Fabric Rolls Mockup


Fabric rolls are ideal for presenting several designs at once in the form of rolled up rolls of material. In addition to the print, selvage and a reverse side of fabric are added to make the material appear ready for use. Such a mockup will work perfectly for seamless patterns that will be visible on the roll. If your design has large prints then this will not be the best option. You can find this particular mockup here.

Wrinkled Fabric Mockup


Now something for those who want to present a larger piece of the project on one mockup. This wrinkled fabric mockup will allow you to show only one project, but it will be very visible in its entirety. Natural folds and shadows give the impression of an uneven surface on which the material lies. 

Fabric Stack Mockup


We are back to present several projects but in a different form. The folded material mockup gives the impression of being ready to use. You can present several designs with both small and large print. They are not all equally visible so you have to decide which one you want to show first. This is a great way to present a whole matching collection of designs

Pillow Mockup


You can not only check how your design will look on the material but you can also make a visualization of the finished product. For example, you can use a pillow mockup, which is perfect for any design. Other options include mockup of curtains, bedding or carpets - any of which will showcase your design perfectly. 

Clothing Mockup


Last but not least – clothing. Showing your designs on clothing can be a great idea if you want to sell your designs for just such a purpose. This way you can not only see what they look like on a live example but, more importantly, match the design style to the product. Take for example this cute Baby Dress Mockup (we have plenty of them!) which will go well with cheerful, colorful designs. 

These are just a few examples of fabric mockups you can use. Options are plentiful - from children's mockups, to curtains, silk fabrics and hanging cloths. Which fabric mockup you choose depends on the style of your project and the form in which you want to present it.