Before You Become a Designer: Three Important Things You Should Know

All About Design
  Kelly Valencia-Aiken on December 9, 2022

Are you interested in the world of design? Are you considering switching your career or picking up another skill set? Keep reading to learn about three essential things to remember as you explore the design industry. 

Careers in the design industry

Number one: You can absolutely make a career out of your creativity. Gone are the days of the “starving artist.” This day and age are full of opportunities to do what you love AND get paid for it! Here is a quick snapshot of some of the jobs creatives do that pay well: 

Graphic designers

  • Graphic designers work on various projects, from business branding to movie posters to book covers. This is a massive role with many avenues of expression. 

Surface pattern designers

  • Surface pattern designers turn artwork into seamless repetitions that are added to the clothing, fabric, notebooks, and other surfaces.  

Fashion designers

  • Fashion designers understand fabrics, art trends, body shapes, marketing, and advertising. They are responsible for creating wearable art that stocks stores with clothing of all kinds. 

3D designers

  • Designers who turn 2D ideas into 3D concepts for product mockups, models, and schematics are called 3D designers. Like industrial designers, they help people visualize concepts similarly to an architect with a blueprint, rendering indoor and outdoor scenes. If you’ve ever used interior design software or played with an app to see how a hairstyle would look on you, it’s very likely that you just interacted with the work of a 3D designer. 

Industrial designer

  • An industrial designer has influenced the appearance of almost every significant product worldwide. They marry the science of engineering with the beauty of art to create the body design of sports cars, home appliances, and even toys! 

Multimedia artists and animators

  • They are the people who turn ideas into animated movies, tv shows, and more. Do you enjoy playing video games? Thank multimedia artists and animators for that! They were crucial in making it happen. 

UI/UX designer

  • UI/UX designers are responsible for taking complex technical products and breaking them down into user-friendly interfaces. They create a meaningful, enjoyable experience for people interacting with a service or product. 

Community in the design industry

Number two: Community over competition creates wins for everyone. It’s fun to win a race on your own, but it’s much more rewarding when you win with a team of people you have built relationships with while pursuing a common goal. When you succeed as a team, you are fighting for your teammate’s success just as much as you are for your own. Victory is sweeter when you win with friends. 

As a designer, not everyone understands what you do, why you do it, or why you think a career in design will be the best choice. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people with similar goals, passions, and skill sets can help you succeed. By analyzing the strengths you have to offer other creatives and examining the areas where you need to borrow someone else's strengths, you’ll be able to effectively participate in a design-based community. To explore what you can offer to another creative and what you need in return, ask yourself these questions: 


  1. What am I passionate about? 
  2. Which skill sets do I have that I excel in? 
  3. Can I do something uncommon? 
  4. Could I teach what I know to someone effectively? 
  5. Am I empathetic and encouraging? 
  6. Do I know how to give constructive criticism? 
  7. Can I receive constructive criticism and put it to work for me? 
  8. In which areas do I need help with my creative endeavors? 
  9. What can I contribute to a community of designers? 
  10. What do I need from a community of designers? 

Three things to know: The takeaway

Number three: The most important thing to remember about becoming a designer is that you are setting yourself up for a life you will love living. Waking up early, staying up late, and working through complicated problems are more manageable when you’re passionate about what you are doing and enjoying the results of it.